Our Vision

Step 1: Creating a fungible IoT Mining Experience

uPlexa aims to utilize a portion of the 18+ Billion current IoT devices to power its network. There will be over 20 Billion IoT devices deployed in the world by 2020. Source: ZDNet

At the core of uPlexa, is the functionality to mine blocks via IoT devices in order to power the network and process transactions. uPlexa utilizes a modified version of the cryptonote algorithm in order to make IoT mining profitable whilst keeping out ASIC technology to avoid centralized mining.

Imagine, if every smart appliance in your household could pay for a partial amount of the electricity to run said devices by only tapping into a percentage of your unused resources? This means a lot in developing countries, especially in Southeast Asia where the devices are cheap(er) to obtain, but expensive to run.

It is not rare for an individual to spend upto 20% of their income on electricity in parts of Asia.

Step 2: Creating Platforms and Utility for Spending

Our vision is to create multiple platforms around uPlexa to compliment its swift, private, untraceable and fungable objectives. Our first platform will be focused on eCommerce ($22+ Trillion industry)

Users with uPlexa in their wallets will obviously want some type of utility. Thus, other than its amazingly secure & anonymous IoT features, we will be building & integrating an anonymous ecommerce platform around uPlexa.

Our team comes from a background in the eCommerce industry who have personally taken time to understand the positives and negatives of multiple eCommerce platforms in existance. Our goal will be to make a customizable eCommerce experience that not only supports cryptocurrencies and uPlexa in general, but one that is free to run until your store is profitable.

uPlexa will have an off-chain model labeled "NGZM" (Near-Zero Congestion Model) in-which provides an API to businesses and webmasters in order to process off-chain transactions via users credited uPlexa coins.

Step 3: Establish Partnerships for Anonymous Service Payments

Another one of many uPlexa goals, is to establish partnerships with IT service providers in order to anonymize service payments via uPlexa.

The idea behind anonymous service payments, is that your service provider cannot specifically sell your data to other companies or governments without knowing who you are, or at least who is paying for and/or accessing your account. This helps reduce the risk of impact by government spy programs and hackers, benefiting your OpSec.

Utilizing uPlexa to pay for your your phone, internet or other IT service bills, will be a step in the correct direction of preserving your privacy rights as an individual.

uPlexa's Features

uPlexa Markets

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  • Q3 - 2018


    Mainnet launch
    cryptonight-upx IoT based algorithm


    GUI wallets for
    Mac, Win, Linux

  • Q4 - 2018

    Web Wallet

    Web wallet Launch


    Partnership with


    Beta IoT
    Mine Starts



  • Q1 - 2019


    Toaster Miner


    Release Android


    Release Android


    Community discussion
    for PoS/PoW split starts


    Standalone libraries for
    NodeJS, PHP, Python


    Plugins for Wordpress,
    Magento, WHMCS
    PrestaShop, OpenCart


    Merchant payment services

Continued Roadmap

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  • Q2 - 2019

    Release Android Miner v2.0
    Progress report & Beta Signup for our eCommerce platform
    NZCM Micro-transactions Update for Next Fork based on Adoption, Price, and Global Hashrate
    Near-instant transactions
    Possible PoS/PoW split, pending on further community discussion

  • Q3 - 2019

    Possible PoW & NZCM Update
    Release of OpSec related Software for uPlexa Users
    Launch eCommerce Platform in Beta
    Continued Efforts on IoT Mining Software
    Launch NZCM API

  • Q4 - 2019

    Release iOS or Xbox miners (more information coming soon)
    Development of privacy based Sidechains & DApps on the uPlexa blockchain begins
    Showcasing our eCommerce platform, preparing for marketing
    Attendance of Blockchain Events to promote our service, and seek strategic partnerships begins

  • Q1 - 2020

    Public release of our eCommerce platform
    Testnet launches for uPlexa sidechains & DApps

  • Q2 - 2020

    Continued development on the eCommerce platform, and uPlexa sidechains & DApps
    Focus on creating IoT devices with utmost powerful general purpose CPUs, or partnering with manufacturer(s)
    PoW update (If we have not already done so by this time)

  • Q3 - 2020

    Release of Privacy based Sidechain & DApp functionality for the uPlexa Blockchain ...and more! Stay tuned for updates.

You may purchase uPlexa coins directly from STEX or Graviex with Bitcoin.
However, if you do not already have Bitcoin, and would rather use your local fiat currency to make your purchase, your best option would be through STEX


Block Explorers



Co-Founder & Lead Developer



Identity disclosure: Yes
Name: Kyle Pierce


Co-Founder & Public Relations Twitter

Identity disclosure: No
Real name: N/A


Lead Developer of eCommerce


Identity disclosure: Yes
Name: Blake Andersen


Lead Support Specialist

Identity disclosure: No
Real name: N/A


Windows GUI

Windows ElectraLight Wallet Download

Download the Windows GUI wallet for a graphical uPlexa experience. Send & receive with ease.

Android Wallet

Official uPlexa Android Wallet Download

Send or receive uPlexa on your Android Mobile Devices

MacOS Wallet

Official uPlexa Mac OS X Wallet Download

Download the MacOS X GUI wallet for a graphical uPlexa experience. Send & receive with ease.

Linux GUI

Official Linux GUI Wallet Download

Download the Linux GUI wallet for a graphical uPlexa experience. Send & receive with ease.

Web Wallet

Official Web Wallet Web Wallet

Create a wallet, analyze transactions, send or receive uPlexa without the need of downloading any files!

Advanced GUI Wallet

Advanced GUI Wallet Download

Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. For advanced users only.


uPlexa CPU Miner

----------------------- Download

Mine uPlexa coins on your CPU. Windows, Linux, or Mac!

uPlexa Android Miner

----------------------- Download

Mine uPlexa coins from your Androids CPU!


----------------------- Download

Mine uPlexa coins on your AMD GPU Devices!


----------------------- Download

Mine uPlexa Coins on your nVidia Devices!


WooCommerce Plugin

Official Wordpress/WooCommerce Plugin View on WP.org

Accept private uPlexa payments on your WooCommerce shop

Magento Plugin

Official Magento Plugin View on GitHub

Accept private payments on your Magento store

PrestaShop Plugin

Official PrestaShop Plugin View on GitHub

Accept private payments on your PrestaShop... shop

OpenCart Plugin

Official OpenCart Plugin View on GitHub

Accept private payments on your OpenCart shop

WHMCS Plugin

Official WHMCS Plugin View on GitHub

Accept private payments for your hosting company

NodeJS Library

Official NodeJS Library View on GitHub

Integrate uPlexa payments into your NodeJS platforms or systems with our uPlexa NodeJS Library!

PHP Library

Official PHP Library View on GitHub

Integrate uPlexa payments into your PHP platforms with our uPlexa PHP Library!

Python Library

Official Python Library View on GitHub

Integrate uPlexa payments into your Python applications with our uPlexa Python Library!